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What is Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus?

Find out whether laser therapy is the best approach for tackling fungal infections of the toenail.toenail fungus

Are you dealing with an unsightly yellowing, brittle toenails thanks to a fungal infection? While this infection is relatively harmless for healthy individuals, it’s certainly something that you want to take care of. Of course, over-the-counter antifungal remedies aren’t all they are cracked up to be and some patients dealing with severe or persistent infections often visit our Marietta, GA, podiatrist, Dr. Mathew John, at their wit’s end. Find out more about laser therapy and how it could help.

How does a fungal infection develop?

Fungus is all around us and found in environments you may not even realize. Unfortunately, a fungal infection is also contagious, so if a member of your family has it you may also be prone to developing a fungal infection yourself.

Why should you treat a fungal infection?

Those with diabetes or a weak immune system really need to make sure that they get this infection treated as soon as possible to prevent complications. Of course, even healthy individuals need to find a good treatment option for getting rid of the fungus, as it could become painful, spread to other toenails or even damage the nail permanently.

How does laser fungal treatment work?

If the medicine hasn’t worked for staving off that fungal infection then it’s time to talk to our Marietta foot doctor about laser fungal treatment. The Cutera Genesis laser is the best way to eliminate the fungus responsible for discolored, yellowing toenails.

This treatment is virtually painless for most patients and doesn’t require numbing gels or local anesthesia. The only sensation you may feel is warmth when the laser is directed over the affected toenail. As the laser is directed over the nail, the laser beams will safely penetrate through the nail to heat up and destroy the fungus. Once the treatment is over you can go back to your regular schedule, as there is absolutely no downtime associated with laser therapy.

When will I see results?

It’s important for patients to understand that why laser fungal treatment is an effective way to destroy the fungus it won’t immediately produce clear results. You will need to wait several months for the clear nail to grow in.

How long will laser therapy take?

Each laser treatment only takes about 15 minutes, so you won’t spend a lot of time in our office. You may need one, two or even three follow-up laser sessions every couple of months depending on the severity of your infection.

Are you dealing with a fungal infection that just won’t quit? If so, then it’s time to turn to the foot care specialists at Ankle & Foot Centers in Marietta, GA. Schedule your much-needed appointment today to find out if laser treatment is your best option.

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