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Symptoms Of Tendonitis

A tendon is a cord of very strong tissue which connects your bone to the surrounding muscles. Tendons, just like muscles and bones, tendonitiscan become injured. When a tendon becomes inflamed, it is known as a condition called tendonitis. However, distinguishing tendonitis from other painful conditions can be a tricky task. Learn how to spot tendonitis and what to do about it with Dr. Mathew John at Ankle and Foot Centers in Marietta, GA.

Do I have tendonitis? 
One of the main signs of tendonitis is pain and stiffness which is usually worse when you first wake up in the morning. Weakness, reduced range of motion, swelling or a crunching or crackling sensation while moving the tendon area also symptoms of tendonitis. If you feel as though you may have tendonitis, you should schedule an appointment with your podiatrist as soon as possible.

How is tendonitis diagnosed? 
Your doctor uses a physical examination to spot any obvious irregularities in the problem area. Questions about your family and medical history and lifestyle also help pinpoint a diagnosis. If necessary, your doctor may order an MRI to spot a partial or full rupture of the tendon. Once Dr. John determines that you are indeed suffering from tendonitis, he will begin working with you to put together a treatment plan which will benefit you and your condition.

Tendonitis Treatment in Marietta, GA
In the rare case of chronic or severe tendonitis, or if the tendon is ruptured completely, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem. However, doctors often begin with conservative treatments for most tendonitis cases. Dr. John may recommend orthotics worn inside of the shoes to lift the heels. Paired with over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, this method is often enough to decrease the symptoms of tendonitis and allow the body to heal.

Icing the tendon is also often beneficial in bringing down swelling and relieving pain. Stretching routines and physical therapy help loosen and strengthen the tendon. One of the most important parts of any tendonitis treatment is to stay off of the tendon as much as possible.

For more information on tendonitis, please contact Dr. John at Ankle and Foot Centers in Marietta, GA. To schedule an appointment, simply call (770) 977-3668.

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