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What You Need To Know About Fungal Laser Treatment

Treating your feet with the proper care that they deserve is best accomplished with the help of a professional specializing in the latest foot fungustechnological advances. For patients with toe fungus, there are some advances that can provide you with relief from the discomfort and discoloration of fungus. The process is much faster and more effective when you are working with fungal laser treatment in Marietta, GA, with the help of Dr. Mathew John at Ankle & Foot Centers, PC, in Marietta, GA. The available laser treatments can provide long-term assistance in keeping the fungus away.

What is Fungal Laser Treatment?

Fungal laser treatment in Marietta might be accomplished with Yag and CO2 laser treatments. These provide short sessions of approximately 15 minutes each. Additional treatments can be given if warranted after two months, four months and six months to ensure that the fungus has been eradicated. These laser treatments are completely painless, only providing a warm feeling. The treatment is not just performed on the toes but the entire foot to ensure that there is no cross-contamination of the fungus over the foot. The process is short and effective providing patients with real solutions to the fungal issues. The process isn’t truly completed until the old nail grows out and the new nail replaces it. It is important to realize that the faster you seek help, the sooner you will be on your way to being fungus free.

There are many options available today for individuals suffering from conditions such as fungus. Taking some time to find out more can help you get relief. You don’t want to avoid the problem because you are embarrassed or think it will go away. Contacting Dr. Mathew John from Ankle & Foot Centers, PC, is a good way to get started. We provide fungal laser treatment in Marietta, GA, that will give you answers to your problems. Call us today at 770-977-3668 to schedule your appointment. Let our professionals help you get back on the road again and enjoy freedom from the toe fungus that you have been living with.

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